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List of Works

With over 40 years experience as a composer for professional theatre, film and radio productions, I have produced a large body of work. In addition, I have produced over 200 electronic works, some of which were commissioned, most of which were written as part of my ongoing exploration of electronic composition within my professional practice. A detailed list of compositions, including premiere performances, follows.

Concert Works



On Not Dancing with Penguins

Solo Harp

Premiered by Alice Giles, Antarctica



Solo Harp

Premiered by Leonard Weiss, HSC Recital


Degas’ Letters

Harp Ensemble

Premiered by SHE (Seven Harps Ensemble), Alice Giles – Ensemble Director, National Gallery of Australia

Ex Post Facto 1 & 2

Arrangement for Harp Ensemble

Performed by SHE (Seven Harps Ensemble, Alice Giles – Ensemble Director), Canberra International Music Festival


Ex Post Facto 1 & 2

For 50 Harps

Premiered at the 2008 Harp Festival, Canberra

CageRauschenberg – Eight Sections for Solo Clarinet

Solo Clarinet

Premiered by Nicole Bates, Robert Rauschenberg: 1967 – 1978, National Gallery of Australia


Lament (for Louis)

Solo Oboe

Premiered by David Nuttall, Eingana Ensemble, National Gallery of Australia



Retrospective Concert of Theatre Songs

Lyrics by Dorothy Hewett

Sponsored by Australian National Playwrights Conference, National Gallery of Australia



Four Songs for a Refugee

Woodwind Trio



A Goldberg Variation

Composition for Bassoon and Didgeridoo

First performed by Lisa Goldberg and Lloyd Hudson, November 1997

Performed in honour of Nelson Mandela, September 2000



National Carillon Commission

Commissioned by Suzanne Magassy to compose a piece for performance at the National Carillon, Canberra



Linflute – Piece for Solo Flute

Commissioned for performance at International Flautists Masterclass, Boston, USA and premiered by Jane Linstead



Concolinel – Piece for Chamber Group and Electronics

Broadcast on ABC Radio



Pantacle of the Moon

String Orchestra for the Canberra Festival

Electronic Compositions


Over 200 untitled electronic works



Zapp Comix Fantasia

Micro-tonal electronic composition



Music for an Exhibition

Collaboration with visual artist, Cherylynn Holmes, ANCA Gallery



Studies for Digital Piano

Scores for Theatre

*        Unless otherwise stated, my role in the following productions has been that of composer and musical director.


The Man from Mukinupin by Dorothy Hewett

30th anniversary production

Belvoir Street Theatre/Melbourne Theatre Company, Director: Wesley Enoch

*        Composer only

Under Milkwood by Dylan Thomas

Western Australian Academy of the Performing Arts, Edith Cowan University, Director: Ross McGregor

*        Composer only

Golden Valley by Dorothy Hewett

Perilous Productions, Northcote Victoria

*        Composer only


Nowhere by Dorothy Hewett

Premiere production

Playbox Theatre, Director: Aubrey Mellor

*        Composition of original songs



Something Cloudy, Something Clear by Tennessee Williams

Australian Premiere

BITS, Director:  David Atfield

*        Composer only



Bod by Elaine Ackworth

Premiere production

Wildwood, Director:  Carol Woodrow



Furious by Michael Gow

BITS, Director:  David Atfield



Whale Nation

Director:  Robert Bunzli

Performed at the National Science and Technology Centre



Telling Tales

Premiere production

Company Skylark, Director:  Carol Woodrow



Pentagram – Pantomime or Parable?

Premiere production and opening production at Street Theatre, Canberra

Conceived, produced and composed by Jim Cotter with text by Adrian Caesar, Director:  Ross McGregor



Piper from the Gates of Hell

Canberra Youth Theatre, Directors:  David Branson, Jim Cotter

Canberra and Hong Kong Seasons



The Ramayana

Belconnen High School, Director:  Greg Lissaman



A Spring Song

Canberra Repertory Society, Director:  Ross McGregor




Canberra Youth Theatre/Canberra Youth Orchestra co-production



The Golden Age by Louis Nowra

Canberra Repertory Society,

Director: Ross McGregor



Sylvia Plath:  A Dramatic Portrait & Three Women

Storm in a Teacup, Director:  Anne-Louise Rentell




Jigsaw Theatre Company, Director:  Bruce Keller

Tour of Indonesia

*        Composer, performer and musical director



Mother Daughter

Women on a Shoestring, Director:  Camilla Blunden



The Magic Fish

Jigsaw Theatre Company, Director:  Leisa Shelton



Under Milkwood by Dylan Thomas

Canberra Repertory Society,

Director: Ross McGregor




Premiere production, Canberra

Jigsaw Theatre Company, Director:  Bruce Keller



Landscape, Night & Silence, Three short plays by Harold Pinter

BITS, Director:  David Atfield



Whale Nation

Ralph Wilson Theatre, Director:  Ralph Wilson



Hotel Sorrento by Hannie Rayson

Eureka! Theatre Company, Director:  Camilla Blunden



The Seagull by Anton Chekhov

Ralph Wilson Theatre, Director:  Ralph Wilson



The Tempest by William Shakespeare

Performance Studies Department, University of Sydney,

Director:  Rex Cramphorn



Cornerstones by Doreen Clarke

Director:  Kingston Anderson



Antony and Cleopatra by William Shakespeare

Belvoir Street, Directors’ Development Project



Vicious Masque

Australia Council Development Project, Director:  Rupert Burns



The Imaginary Invalid

NIDA Company, Director:  Rex Cramphorn



Suburban Rhapsody

Gorman House Arts Centre, Director:  Liz Paterson



Fool for Love

TAU Theatre, Director:  Ross McGregor



Rising of Pete Marsh by Dorothy Hewett

University of Western Australia



Measure for Measure by William Shakespeare

Associated Artists Bicentennial Company,

Director:  Rex Cramphorn

National Tour



The Man from Mukinupin by Dorothy Hewett

Revival Production, Perth



Voxy Lady, One Woman Show for Fairlight & Voice

Text by Jeannie Lewis




Sidetrack Theatre



Rising of Pete Marsh by Dorothy Hewett

Premiere production

New Fortune Theatre, University of Western Australia



She Stoops to Conquer/Wild Honey/Merchant of Venice/All’s Well that Ends Well

Nimrod Theatre, 1986 Season, Director:  Richard Cottrell



A Winter’s Tale

Parade Theatre, NIDA, Director:  John Bell



Eugenia Falleni

Musical/opera with students of the University of New England’s Music Department



Golden Valley by Dorothy Hewett

Australian Contemporary Theatre Company, Director:  John Wood



Sycorax has Cobwebs

Jigsaw Theatre Company, Director:  Peter Wilkins

Schools Tour



Zoo by Dorothy Hewett & Robert Adamson

Premiere production

Australian Theatre for Young People, Director:  Ray Goodlass



Song of Seals by Dorothy Hewett

Premiere production

Magpie Theatre Company, Director:  Malcolm Moore



Revenger’s Tragedy

State Theatre Company of South Australia,

Director:  Richard Cottrell



The Tempest by William Shakespeare

Royal Queensland Theatre Company – Commonwealth Games Season and Royal Command Performance, Director:  Alan Edwards



The Man from Mukinupin by Dorothy Hewett

Sydney Theatre Company, Director:  Rodney Fisher



Golden Valley by Dorothy Hewett

Premiere production

Magpie Theatre Company, Director:  Malcolm Moore



The Man from Mukinupin by Dorothy Hewett

State Theatre Company of South Australia, Director:  Kevin Palmer



The Man from Mukinupin by Dorothy Hewett

Premiere production

National Theatre, Western Australia, Director: Steven Barry



King Lear by William Shakespeare

Queensland Theatre Company, Director:  Alan Edwards



Aussie Battler

Queensland Theatre Company, Director:  Robert Kingham



Genesis/Bottom’s Electric Summertime Dream

Darling Downs Youth Theatre




NIDA Jane Street Season, Director:  Rex Cramphorn



Fantastic Voyage

Dance Company of NSW, Choreographer / Director:  Frans Vervenne




Marionette Theatre of Australia, Director:  Peter Scriven



3 Music Theatre Pieces

Sydney Festival



The Monster that Ate Canberra by Michael Salmon

Canberra Youth Theatre



4 Music Theatre Pieces

Warana Festival, Brisbane



3 Pieces for Black Theatre

Canberra Festival

Scores for Radio


Rita’s Lullaby by Merlinda Bobis

ABC Radio Drama, Director:  Chris Williams



Wolf Lullaby by Hilary Bell

ABC Radio Drama, Director:  Chris Williams



Voices in the Dark by Geraldine McKenzie

ABC Radio Drama, Director:  Chris Williams



Radio Documentary on Dorothy Hewett

ABC Radio



The Fleet

Australia Day National Broadcast, ABC Radio Drama




Musical Narrative & Monodrama by Jeannie Lewis

Live & ABC National Broadcast for Radio Helicon




Radio Play by Adrian Caesar

University of New England




Mothers of the Missing

Recorded on South Heart, by Jeannie Lewis

Lyrics by Jeannie Lewis, Music by Jim Cotter

Sole Music



Score for audio-visual CD-ROM

Commissioned by Dr Fei Wang



Canberra Local Poets Series

Publication of six volumes of poetry and accompanying cassettes

Publisher:  Polonius Poets

*        Composed original themes for each volume



Bon Bons and Roses for Dorothy

Produced by Featherstone Productions and screened on ABC TV

*        Composed original score



Their Job Nobly Done

Film Australia

*        Composed film score



The Pursued

Director:  Rex Cramphorn

*        Composed film score



Untitled Children’s Album

Recorded with Noni Hazlehurst

*        Composer, performer and Fairlight programmer



My University

Experimental film

*        Composed film score